#TuneOfTheDay Bastards on Parade – “Bill of Goods”

Vamos a coger ánimo para el martes con una ración de punk rock con influencias celtas de la mano de Bastards On Parade. El grupo de A Coruña ha lanzado una nueva canción inédita: “Bill of Goods“.

I can’t believe what Im seeing
in every damned corner of our streets
A massive decay that seems to last so long
There’s queue on the fucking dole
While families are ripped off from there homes
And still dare to say everythings allright

You take the lion share
While workers bleed
And no one seems to care
A sheep in wolves clothing
Who knows to bite by selling their own fears
You ain’t nothing but a bill of goods

Those white collar criminals
With no shame they get away with it
And back to the power where they rule our lifes
Keep telling us to wait some more
Spit more lies and throw’em like a bone
A whole lot of nothing that went far enough

Keep telling us to wait some more
We are doing good and misery is gone
A whole lot of bullshit we can take no more


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