#TuneOfTheDay Rejected – “Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed”


Coincidiendo con el lanzamiento de su nuevo disco, Suicide Hotline, Rejected han estrenado su nuevo vídeo. El clip de “Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed” es nuestro #TuneOfTheDay. Esperamos que disfrutes de esta canción de la banda finesa de street punk.

I´ve been working ever since i got out of school.
I didn´t join the army, ´cos it´s made for fools.
I can´t skate like Duane ´cos Finns don´t have pools.
I love dirty games, i don´t play by the rules.

Stewed, screwed and tattooed.
I´m a 2nd class citizen, not like you.
(just like you!)

Mindless robots in the streets, so many people living a lie.
How can they live their so-called lifes?
With the one track mind!
I´d rather get a bullet and a gun than be so weak and blind.
Open your eyes and you might be suprised by what you find.



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