Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave Box Set


El 15 de septiembre se pone a la venta Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave Box Set, consistente en 3 cds con 77 canciones, libro de 40 páginas y edición a través de Demon Music Group. La compilación incluye 77 temas de bandas punk, mod y new wave que fueron grabados entre 1976 y 1982, algunas de ellas se editan por primera vez en formato cd.

La introducción del lanzamiento está escrita por Gary Crowley y Jim Lahat y, además, se incluyen testimonios de la época realizados por Richard Jobson (The Skids), Clare Grogan (Altered Images), Duncan Reid (The Boys), Jane Perry Woodgate (The Mo-Dett es) y Spizz.

La persona encargada de realizar la selección ha sido, Gary Crowley, que es un DJ y periodista británico que ha trabajado en medios como NME, fue autor del fanzine The Modern World así como ha presentado programas de televisión.

El listado de canciones de Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave Box Set es el siguiente:

CD 1:
The Vibrators – We Vibrate
Mo-Dett Es – White Mice
Automati Cs – When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again
The Saints – Do The Robot
Ultravox! – Young Savage
Scars – All About You
Starjets – School Days
Suburban Studs – I Hate School
Adverti Sing – Lipsti Ck
TV 21 – Ambiti On
The Nice Men – Nuclear Summer
Eater – Thinking Of The USA
Alternati Ve TV – How Much Longer
999 – Emergency
Altered Images – Dead Pop Stars
The Sti Ff S – Inside Out
The Carpett Es – Small Wonder
The Fall – It’s The New Thing
The Drones – Bone Idol
Skunks – Good From The Bad
The Nips – All The Time In The World
The Boys – First Time
Bee Bee Cee Y- Ou Gott A Know Girl
Circles – Opening Up
Glaxo Babies – This Is Your Life
John Cooper Clarke – Suspended Sentence

CD 2:
Fast Cars – The Kids Just Wanna Dance
New Hearts – Just Another Teenage Anthem
Clive Culbertson – Time To Kill
The Only Ones – You’ve Got To Pay
Lori And The Chameleons – Touch
The Things – Pieces Of You
The Negati Ves – Love Is Not Real
The Photos – Barbarellas
Expressos – Tango In Mono
The Stukas – Klean Living Kids
Tonight – Drummer Man
The Quads – There Must Be Thousands
Shake – Culture Shock
Girls At Our Best – Getting Nowhere Fast
The Cuban Heels – Downtown
The Donkees – Listen To Your Radio
Spizzenergi – Soldier Soldier
The Telegents – Get Out
The Collectors – Talking Hands
The Stripes – One Step Ahead
The Doubt – Time Out
Bobalouis – Go Ahead
The Lett Ers – Nobody Loves Me
Perfectors – YT502951D
Fun 4 – Singing In The Showers
Tours – Language School

CD 3:
The Skids – Charles
The Tights – Howard Hughes
The Form – Start Again
The Head – Nothing To Do In A Town Like Leatherhead
Pop-Tones – Wooden Heart
Disguise – Juvenile Delinquent
Dolly Mixture – Been Teen
The Teenage Filmstars – Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
Apocalypse – Teddy
Tinopeners – Set Me Free
The Plague – In Love
The Crack – Easy Street
The Smirks – Angry With Myself
Straightshooter – She’s So Fine
Bleeding Hearts – This Is The Way…OK?
Apartment – The Car
Knife Edge – Say You Will
The Tea Set – Parry Thomas
The Zips – Take Me Down
Really 3rds – Everyday, Everyway
The Kicks – If Looks Could Kill
TPI – She’s Too Clever For Me
Gobblinz – Love Me Too
The Moondogs – She’s Nineteen
Generation X – Wild Dub



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