Avances de ‘Banners’ de Legion 76

Actualizado 27/03/2017: Legion 76 nos adelantan otra canción de Banners Fall, su próximo lanzamiento. “Rearranged” es el nuevo tema que podemos oír de esta formación de Philadelphia que próximamente visitará Madrid y Barcelona

Tras la canción y el vídeo, más abajo puedes ver la info de los conciertos de Legion 76 y High Society así como escuchar “Into Darkness“, que también formará parte de su próximo 10”.

Power is failing, they’re covering their eyes
A rotten stench is rising, here come the flies
The palace is crumbling, it’s time to watch it fall
There’s no time to worry, take the ties and cut them all

Let the cards get rearranged
The parasites are power hungry again
Let the cards get rearranged
Stomped out, taken down from within

It’s all in plain view, they’re too blind to see
Misunderstanding how it’s gonna be
A justifiable outcome will never rear its head
Bring down the towers, someone’s gonna end up dead

Into Darkness” es la nueva canción de Legion 76. El grupo de Philadelphia ha adelantado este tema como adelanto de lo que será su próximo 10″: Banners Fall. Este lanzamiento se realizará en Europa a través de Contra Records y Longshot Music en Estados Unidos.

Te recordamos que Legion 76 realizarán un tour europeo en abril que tendrá dos paradas en nuestro país donde compartirán escenario con los alemanes High Society:

07/04/2017 @ Barcelona. Rocksound
08/04/2017 @ Madrid. Gruta 77

La letra de “Into Darkness” de Legion 76 es la siguiente y más abajo puedes oír la canción:

It’s all across the their minds, you know they’ve seen it on TV
Blinds pulled across their eyes, they can’t decipher what they see
Sense made from laying down with thoughts they can’t dispel
Bought into hate again, I can’t believe the shit they sell
Sold out, cashed in, chalk it up to apathy
Time to find a higher ground, a place for you and me

Into darkness we fall, watch the world go up in flames
Into darkness we live, we can’t see the light of day
Into darkness we watch cultures fall in despair
Into darkness we breathe, waiting for a cleaner air

It’s got the best of them, diseased views are all I see
Suffering from helplessness and a mind that can’t be free
What stops the rest of us from being one drop in the well
Shadows reveal themselves, we know time will always tell
Stand up, strike down anything that you can see
Drive the demons out, cast them to obscurity


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