Noi!se estrenan single: “Lost”

En el canal en YouTube de Pirates Press ya se puede escuchar “Lost“, canción que da título al nuevo single de este grupo de Tacoma. La letra es la siguiente:

There’s nowhere left to go.
Far away from everything we were.
Far from what we know.
A fire burned the shores.
While we drifted out to sea.
Lured out by a lie disguised as fate.
Doom disguised as dreams.
What has anger done?
What have we become?
Drifted out to sea so far we can’t return.
Greed has made us leave a place we should’ve stayed.
Are we burning everything our fathers made.
False perception that we see. Telling us that ignorance protects identity.
If only there was light to guide us back to being better than the people we became when we drifted out to sea for a false identity.

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